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Today's Golf Cart Dealers are constantly faced with maintaining profitability as prices rise throughout our economy The industry is in a rapid period of growth. Opportunities are increasing to develop new profit centers in the business of Golf Cart Sales and Service. New accessories and options continue to emerge in the market.

Many Dealers are small independent businesses which are involved with the sales, service and customization of golf carts for the general public and industry. CartCareOne mission is to unite Dealers with sharing ideas for maximizing profits and reducing liabilities.

As the demand for customized golf carts increase, so does the liability for the dealers who perform this work. Educating customers on the safe operation of golf carts is a priority for all dealers. CartCareOne, along with it mission to assist dealers in maximizing profits, has a partnership with the National Golf Cart Association (NGCA) to provide CartCareOne members the option to assist with safety education for their customers. Golf Cart Dealers have a responsiability for Safety Education.
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